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In the same category we have Photobingo, Productbingo, Travelbingo. See the concepts on the 'concepts' page.
This concept can be used for:
- TV advertisements, generate more attention and brand awareness
- news papers and magazine advertisements, generate more attention and subscriptions
- product promotions for companies holding multiple brands and products and generate sales

Bingo cards are being distributed, home to home or wrapped in an existing retail product, with the names of the multiple brands or products to be promoted. Via TV and or printed media the names or logos of the products or services are drawn (in multiple drawings) and the LogoBingo card holder highlights the ones printed on his/her card.
After x drawings there will be a winner and after y drawn logos there will be x 1st price, y 2nd price, z 3rd price winners etc. The amount of winners can be configured for the purpose of the promotion/game by WHIZ-PRODUCTIONS. Drawings via the Internet and streaming media are all offered possibilities.
Example of a card with Dutch brands.
15 names of 45 products or brands will be printed on the card.
Unique cards will be printed, in this combination around 7 million will be possible.
  • brand and product/services awareness.
  • generate sales of retail products/services
  • create more eyeballs to advertisement
  • professional services
  • creative marketing consultants
  • technical consultants
  • coaches, project management
  • analysts
  • webdesigners
  • mathematical/statistical calculations
  • software development
  • licensing of lottery/gaming software